This may be Amazon's craziest idea yet when it comes to breaking new ground in retail. Will it work?

As much as I love Amazon and shopping using my Prime account, I get the feeling this is one that will not go over well. Because when it comes to buying a Christmas tree, shopping online can never replace the real life experience. But, Amazon is going to give it a go anyway.

According to a Mashable report, this November Amazon will start selling 7 foot Christmas trees and will ship them right to your house. No hot cocoa, no looking at 38 trees, no cutting it down. Just open the box, put it up and water.

One thing that can never be replicated online is the real life experience. As great as it is watching concerts online, it still is not the same as seeing a show in person - it is all about the experience. Same goes for Christmas trees, am I right?


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