The Amazon center is now open in Schodack but there are hundreds of jobs still needed to be filled. They are hiring now with hundreds of full-time positions open. Here's how to apply. According to CBS 6 Albany, the brand new Amazon fulfillment center has opened in Schodack. It was up and running in early September and they are still in the process of filling hundreds of full-time positions. Before the center opened they had one thousand jobs available. They have filled eight hundred of those jobs and are still looking to full two hundred more positions.

Amazon has been sending out flyers in the mail, running commercials on the radio, and getting the word out online. There is also a large billboard outside of the new Schodack fulfillment center that reads, "Want to work here?". You can text Amazon to 77088 to apply.

There are many positions available at the Amazon fulfillment center in Schodack including packing and shipping, and delivery. At the site, they pack and ship larger-sized packages to customers across the Capital Region. They ship and pack such items as sports equipment, bulk paper products, electronics, household goods, and other products.

If you are interested in working at the Amazon fulfillment center in Schodack you can text Amazon to 77088 or you can go to their career website by clicking HERE to search jobs available. There are two hundred full-time positions available at the Schodack location alone. There are some seasonal jobs available as well.

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