There is nothing worse than waiting for your luggage at the baggage claim and mistakenly picking up the wrong bag because it looks just like yours. Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. A company has a very smart solution. According to, there is a company that is offering to put your face on your luggage so you can easily identify your bags at the airport and beyond. They have come up with a spandex material that will go over your luggage that features your big face.

The personalized luggage case from Firebox that they call, "Head Case" is a picture of your face that has been blown up to go all around your suitcase so you can identify your piece of luggage in seconds.

You send them a high-quality picture of your face and they print it on a material that can be stretched over your luggage. It costs between twenty-six and thirty-eight dollars. The fun part is picking a fun photo of your face to make other travelers laugh or just be entertained. Think of all the heads you could turn.

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