Add another one to the list!  It's Altamont, NY - home of the oldest fire department in Albany County plus many more interesting factoids, thanks to all of you who wrote in.  Scroll down to hear the song!

Here is your song, folks with lyrics to follow.

                     The Altamont Song 
Words and music ©2014 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved
You can find anything you want down here in Altamont
A Nice wine bar and by the way, you feed your face at the Hometown Cafe
Chances are you've never found a nicer quainter town
Not much more you'll be needing-just don't get caught for speeding
Way back in 1890 it was Incorporated,
It's historical significance cannot be overstated
It's the home of the Firemans Ball,
We could have fun and get rowdy
Down at the oldest fire department in all of Albany county
So take a little jaunt
Down here to Altamont
If you're the designated wedding planner
Check out gorgeous the Altamont manor
There's a gazebo in the park
Where you can hang out until it's dark
And a laundrymat nearby and it's got free Wi-Fi
There's a pizza place, I am told
and another nice park on Gun Club Road,
An event every year that's especially cool
Jellybean Field Day at the elementary school
A nice library in an old train station
in the summertime, a primo location
And you can't forget the Altamont Fair
Many a Countryfest was held there!
Find anything you want, down here in Altamont
Celebrating your town today, on WGNA
Altamont Manor

This is just one of many businesses in Altamont - the beautiful Altamont Manor - a place where I've had the privilege of providing wedding entertainment for. Would love some more pictures from around town .  if anyone would like to send them, I can do a photo gallery for you!  Hope you enjoyed this little ditty, and thanks for all the great info, Facebook friends!

If you'd like to hear other songs from other towns, be my guest!