Did you know that a family in Altamont had a piece of James Bond history?

How was it not bigger news that a family in Altamont had a prop that was featured in the James Bond movie "The World is Not Enough? Nick and Marie Viscio's family owns the company Helderberg Designs LLC, according to the Times Union. The company made props for the Bond films, it is my understanding, from 1999 until 2015. The aircraft was made from a powered parachute and is now on its way to Washington to be on loan to the International Spy Museum.

You may recognize this piece during the movie when Pierce Brosnan's Bond and co-star Sophie Marcea's Elektra King were escaping assassins in the parachutes down a ski slope. It all started when the company shipped one of the crafts to Pinewood Studios in 1999. Now, the Viscios' crafts have been used by stunt pilots at air shows.

Museum officials from the International Spy Museum were at the family's house on Thursday to pick up the Bond prop.

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