The Farmer's Almanac has released their 2017-2018 Winter Weather outlook. Get your shovels and boots ready!

I know what you are thinking: Matty, we have 3 weeks of Summer ahead. Let's worry about Winter when it gets here. And I agree, there is plenty of warm weather fun ahead.

That said, you can't ignore the fact that the nights and mornings have been a little chillier. And well, there is this sight below at the Clifton Park Home Depot:


So, in the spirit of being prepared for what lies ahead, here is the Farmer's Almanac Winter 2017-18 Outlook for the Northeast Region, including the Greater Albany Area:

Cold and Snowy! In fact, it could be a little snowier than normal.

As with any forecast, I take this one with a grain of salt. ESPECIALLY this far out. Plus, the Almanac has been wrong before. A lot can change in the 4 months that lie ahead before Winter officially begins.

But if the Almanac was right, well, let's just say things will be great if you love to Ski and Snowboard!

Now get out there and enjoy Summer while ya can! You can see the full Almanac outlook here.


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