I can remember my allergies not nearly bothering me as much as they do now that I am older.  Every Spring, I get terrible hayfever and it seems to last a little bit longer year after year. Experts predict more people will develop allergies by the end of the decade.

Datamonitor, a business information group, says 12.5 million people from Britain and over the age of 20, suffered from allergic rhinitis in 2010.  Conditions of rhinitis can include any reaction someone might have to grass and tree pollens.  That's a lot of young adults having hayfever.  And the number is only set to increase -- the number is expected to hit 13.1 million by the end of the decade.

According to an article printed in a British news source, The Telegraph , "the introduction of new species of exotic plants into the country, climate change, new infections and the tendency to live in more sterile internal environments are four theories put forward to explain the rise" in numbers.

Common symptoms of hayfever include: watery eyes; headache; scratchy throat; sneezing repeatedly; trouble sleeping; fatigue; plugged ears, etc.  For ways to threat hayfever or more information on allergies to pollen, go to: www.emedicinehealth.com.

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