There is a dire need for workers across the state and right here in the Capital Region so it is forcing one local fast food restaurant to close all seven of its restaurants every Sunday. But they are still vigorously trying to hire all positions at all locations.

Ted's Fish Fry has always been open seven days a week but now that there is a critical staffing shortage they have been forced to close every Sunday. Their business is booming it's just that they don't have enough workers to keep up or stay open on Sunday according to News Channel 13. Workers were trying to help out by traveling from one restaurant to another. But they were spreading themselves too thin. They say that their staff is down about twenty-five percent.

Ted's Fish Fry listed what they are looking for and what they offer their employees on their Facebook page. They hope to hire full and part-time cooks, cashiers, and prep workers. They want to fully staff all seven of their restaurants. Ted's is willing to train "all motivated applicants" and there are benefits available for full-time employees. This includes a four percent 401K match, two weeks of paid time off, health, dental, and eye insurance, and a free meal plan while on the job.

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The Ted's Fish Fry Facebook page also praises their current employees and their customers who have helped them thrive throughout the years and especially through the pandemic. They state that they are hopeful that they can continue what Ted Deeb started back in 1949.

If you would like to join the Ted's Fish Fry team, just stop by any location and fill out an application.

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