ted's fish fry

Local Poker Pro in Mexico Battling Covid
A local professional poker player and third generation family member of the popular Ted's Fish Fry restaurants in the Capital Region sent out a series of somewhat concerning tweets in the early hours of the day on Monday morning.  Shaun Deeb, 34 from Troy, a regular at the poker table for years at R…
Best Fish Fry in the Capital Region
Lent started yesterday and as a Catholic, that means I have to remember on Fridays to not to eat meat. One of my favorite ways to do that is with fish fry, I need to find the best!
Five Best Places Around Albany For Cheap Eats
Some say the economic view from here isn't great - and others are more optimistic. Regardless of the economy it's always good to know the best places to have some "cheap eats" - and there are tons of places around Capitaland that offer great food for a fair pric…