An Albany woman who lost her dog was ecstatic to find that not only had her dog been found, it was found by an Oscar winner!

A woman going by "Sloth Turtle" on Facebook recently shared her story: Her small brown dog, named Blue, had gone missing. For over an hour, she drove all over the city asking if people had seen him. She decided to try over by the Greyhound bus terminal, where "there were so many cameramen and like 7 police cars."

She asked a man if anyone had seen Blue, and the man replied that yes, a woman picked him up, and she was a celebrity. The man called the woman who had him, and she said she would soon be returning with the dog.

Turns out the woman with the dog was none other than multi-Oscar winner Hilary Swank!

It's always nice to see acts of kindness from strangers, and it's perhaps even more interesting when that act comes from a famous person. Famous people seem to be more inclined to show kindness when there's publicity involved.

Who knows what Hilary Swank was doing in Albany? She's not known to have any properties in Upstate New York, although there are reports of her owning a townhouse in NYC's West Village.

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She certainly could've been filming something in the area. Swank is set to star in a new ABC series called Alaska which premieres this fall, although reports say the series was primarily filmed in Vancouver.

Whatever the reason... it's a cool story! We're just happy Blue the dog has been returned safely.

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