Miranda Lambert continues to keep her promise to help animal shelters across the country. She has announced the shelters that will receive thousands of dollars to assist the local shelters. In an effort to help as many animal shelters across the country, Miranda Lambert and her MuttNation Foundation have donated thousands of dollars in all fifty states. She has granted surprise donations as part of an outreach program called Mutts Across America.

Among the criteria of the shelters, the organization found the ones that could benefit the most. They handed out grants from three and five thousand dollars as part of the Mutts Across America program. The surprise grants totaled $189,000.

They didn't announce the winners until all the grantees received their packages. In addition to the money, the shelter receives a certificate and MuttNation Citizenship.

The MuttNation Foundation was founded by Miranda Lambert and her mom, Bev. The mission is to end animal suffering and homelessness on every front. The foundation has successfully raised millions of dollars to aid organizations, government institutions and entities that build animal shelters for better care and increased pet adoption.

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