If you really love your dog or cat, you can now be with them for eternity.

Yes, it sounds odd, but some people want to be buried with the pets someday. Believe it or not, this used to be illegal. Who knew this was a law, right?

But if you are thinking about taking your special pet to spend the afterlife with you, it is now legal in the state of New York to be interred with a pet. It may be one of the stranger things signed into law of late, but Governor Cuomo has signed off on legislation to make it legal to take your furry friend to the grave with you.

The thing I immediately started thinking when I read this is most people will out live their pets - so what do you do with the deceased pet until you go into the great unknown? Do you get it stuffed? Do you bury then exhume it later on? And here is another thought: Maybe a pet wouldn't want to buried with it's owner, right?

Here is another thought. If we can get this into law, why can't we get Uber up and running? ;)