According to an article on News 10 ABC's website, a formal Lasalle teacher is accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student. The teacher, at the time of the alleged relationship, was 28 and the student was 17. The teacher is also denying the accusations and claims to be a victim of extortion.

The teacher has been charged with numerous crimes including the most serious, rape in the third degree which could carry a penalty of up to four years in prison.

My first thought when reading the story was "wow, why does it seem like these stories are almost always between female teachers and male students these days?" I have to admit it makes me wonder if this is something that has always been the case or is there something about out culture now that feeds into this behavior. I'd love your feedback on that one.

The next question I had was, "Wait, if he was 17 (the age of consent in N.Y.S.) and she was 28, how can this be considered rape in the third degree which is a form of statutory rape? I looked it up and there does seem to be a stipulation that if the person is "incapable of consent by reason of some factor other than being less than 17 years old." The charge still applies. I can only assume that the teacher/student relationship and her being in a position of authority may be a factor.

The truth is I don't know the facts of this particular issue and I guess no one will until it all plays out in court but the teacher in question is not working in any school at this time

I do still wonder though, what your thoughts are. Would you react any different if this were a male teacher and a 17-year-old girl? Do you worry that this may happen to your son or daughter? IF found guilty what sort of punishment should this woman face?