A recent addition to the Albany culinary scene is closing it's doors.

Mio Posto is closing after 16 months in business on Lark Street, according to the Times Union. Chef and owner Danny Urschel had opened this Mio Posto location after his Saratoga restaurant of the same name had to close after a fire in 2016. Urschel told the Times Union after the move to Albany, some of his old patrons tried the new location but never became regulars and he had trouble gaining traction with Albany area diners.

This has to be a tough one to deal with: one business closing due to fire and then a second effort not working out. Mio Posto always seemed very popular when the Saratoga location was up and running, and was tough to get into.  The move to a new location must have been a big hurdle to overcome. Plus, the Times Union report says Mio Posto is also dealing with some insurance lawsuits and tax issues related to the Saratoga location. That could not have made focusing on the Albany location an easy task.




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