Mayor Kathy Sheehan has ordered the City of Albany Department of General Services to remove the statue of Major Gen. Philip Schuyler that stands in front of City Hall in downtown Albany.  According to News Channel 13, the statue has been in front of City Hall since 1925, but soon it will have a new home.

The Mayor, who would like for the statue to be given to a museum or institution where it would be viewed in proper historical context, tweeted her explanation for the removal. Major Gen.  Schuyler, according to Mayor Sheehan was one one of the "largest owners of enslaved people" during his time in the city of Albany.

What does this mean (if anything) for the Village of Schuylerville in Saratoga County or the Town of Schuyler in Herkimer County both named after the him?  That has yet to be determined, but in the meantime, the Albany Mayor revealed through twitter that:

"Scores of community members have reached out to my office requesting the removal of the statue of former slave owner Gen. Philip Schuyler and I thank those residents for making their voices heard."

Some have praised the Mayor for her decision to do this, but naturally it's being met with great opposition as many people have noted that throughout American history, many of our most decorated heroes were also slave owners. Others have stated that while these individuals are indeed a part of American history, they shouldn't be celebrated.

Earl Knowles wrote on the WNYT Facebook page: "So we need to rename Washington Park, Washington Ave., Jefferson Street, tear down the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. All named after slave owners."

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