Yesterday, we learned a good thing about Pokemon Go: it's helping people get in shape. Today, we get back to the craziness of Pokemon.

I should write this disclaimer first: if you leave your car unlocked, with the key in it while doing anything where your focus is not on your car  - there is a good chance it will get stolen. But I guess in the this case, the driver being distracted playing Pokemon Go makes it more entertaining.

According to News 10, a 23 year-old Albany man had his car stolen while he was playing Pokemon on the Plaza. Police say he left his key in the car, and left the doors open.

The Plaza is one of the better places to play Pokemon in Albany, so it has become a popular destinations for gamers.

This really is the perfect scenario for someone who would steal a car. Keys left in the vehicle, doors open, and a distracted owner. I can imagine the player raced out of his car to start catching Pokemons, and did not take the time to button everything up.

I guess the good news is they can now play the game while walking everywhere they have to go! HA!