What would your town's Pokemon be named?

You that you don't have to play or really know about the game to have fun with this question. All you have to do know about is your town and what it is known for.

Pokemon have all sorts of funny names that usually have something to do with what type of Pokemon it is or what "power" it uses to battle. They have names like, a seahorse named "Horsea" or crab named, "Kingler" or a cat named "Meowth".


Roundabout sign - Google Street View

So,  what would your town's Pokemon be called? I came up with a few examples myself like for Malta we could name it "Roundaboutacon". Perhaps in Clifton Park you could be out trying to catch the ever elusive "Soccermommian" A Coworker of mine suggested the "Troyletta" for Troy. Maybe you could go to Niskayuna and search for the "Taxion"

I think you get the picture. Now I want to hear from you what would your town's Pokemon be named and does it evolve into another one?

Let me know.