If you've ever scoured Craigslist, it can be an interesting place, especially the free section. I saw this one post and instead of being interested in owning it, I just have so many questions.

I actually found this first on Albany Reddit and I couldn't believe it to be true. There's a person in Albany who is selling their horse because they moved and their new apartment is too small.

I have way too many questions. First, where did he live before? Was it a farm or just a bigger apartment? Second, it says to contact Joe, who's Joe? Did Joe post this or is his just the middleman? Third, what does the horse need? Fourth, how are you giving it away for free? Fifth, did they really just own a single horse or was this just the last horse left?

Granted, since the picture attached is credited to "Getty Images," I imagine that this post isn't real but if it's real, I just hope this horse finds a great home, with a lot of space to run around instead of being stuck in a small apartment like this.

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