Winter 2019 is going out with a bang, and an incoming snowstorm could have a big impact by the time it rolls in Sunday.

I know, you are just finishing digging out from yesterday's snow fall and now it looks like the end of the weekend and start of your work week could be impacted with more snow!

According to the Weather Channel, another winter storm is currently tracking across the country and the storm's path will bring it to Upstate New York and the Northeast. The Weather Channel says 'The track...will determine what areas in the Northeast see significant snow." Best case scenario is it tracks further north and we get more rain than snow. If it tracks further south, we could see a bunch of snow.

Right now our Albany Weather Channel forecast is calling for rain during the day Sunday, with a decent amount of snow to follow with 5-8 inches falling that night. Depending on the track, that snowfall total could grow.

We should know more details by the weekend exactly where this storm will track.

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