It was dangerously hot when the batteries on Stanley Green's motorized wheelchair died last Monday in Albany.  To make maters worse, his oxygen tank was running low and he had neither the strength nor the energy to get himself back home.

Luckily for Green, a call came in to the Albany Police Department by a concerned citiizen asking for help.  That's when two Albany Police Officers braved the heat, worked together, and went above the call of duty to bring the man to safety.

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The two uniformed men in the picture assiting Green, according to a Facebook post by the Albany PD, are offciers Matthew Friedrich and Alexander Herrick, both of whom recently graduated from the Albany Police Academy.

In the heartwarming post it was noted that the two officers not only gave the stranded Albany man a push, but they also made a friend.

According to the APD, while they were helping the man back to his home, "Officers Friedrich and Herrick developed a bond with Mr. Green and plan to check on him during their patrols. They have also already begun reaching out to resources in the community that might be able to further assist him with his healthcare needs."

It's the kind of thing that often goes unreported on the local news.  Not because the news selectively decides against showcasing these types of stories, but more so because selfless and kind moments like these typicallyunphotographed or videotaped.

But they happen more than you or I will ever know, and it surely is nice to see.

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