We are fortunate enough in the Albany, NY area to have a plethora of parks to enjoy. If you need some outdoor time other than the weekends, here are some great parks to spend your lunch break at.

  • Town of Bethlehem

    Elm Avenue Park

    Delmar / Bethlehem NY

    Also known as the Elm Ave Park, this is a very well maintained park in the Town of Bethlehem that has a lot of great amenities including a pool, tennis courts, fitness trail, dog park, and many others. You could grab a quick workout on your lunch break or just enjoy the breeze.

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    Albany Riverfront Park at the Corning Preserve

    Albany NY

    Relaxing on the Hudson for lunch can be quite wonderful. Albany's Riverfront Park has a pedestrian walkway over I-787 and connects to the Corning Preserve which allows riverfront access for a walk on your lunch. Or you can just watch the boats out on the river and envision taking your boat out onto the lake next weekend.

  • Dougtone, flickr

    Prospect Park

    Troy, NY

    One of our favorite parks for lunch, or anytime, is Prospect Park in Troy, NY. The park has plenty of activities such as tennis, basketball, etc - but also has a very nice picnic area. If you prefer, you could park in one of the parks two scenic overlooks and check out the view of the downtown Albany skyline from one or downtown Troy from the other. The Troy overlook is situation above the large "TROY" letters spelled out in rocks.

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    Collins Park

    Scotia, NY

    Collins Park is awesome for many reasons - besides being a well groomed park, it's also right across the street from Jumpin' Jack's. Grab a Jackburger, walk across the street, and enjoy it in a very serene park. There's also a lake you can go sit by to enjoy your lunch and perhaps you can dream about fishing this weekend. The Village of Scotia does a great job with this park.

  • michaelstyne, flickr

    Frear Park

    Troy NY

    Nothing wrong with a game of golf on your lunch break, is there? The City of Troy maintains an excellent municipal golf course that is perfect for playing a few holes on during your lunch break. Another great aspect about Frear Park is The Park Pub operates in the park too - try their Peanut Butter & Jelly Wings. Or anything on their menu for that matter, as it's all good. Also - give yourself some extra time because while Troy excels with their parks, they fail with traffic engineering and thus you can expect to get every single red light plus three dozen stop signs.

  • Dougtone, flickr

    Washington Park

    Albany, NY

    Washington Park is the Albany area's central park - lots of events are held here throughout the year so why not make your lunch break one of them? The park has some great sitting areas, particularly around the lake house and also near the statue of Moses. This one isn't too far from the state offices but is far enough to get way from the stresses of working.