WOW! I know that some parents may have jokingly said they wished Justin Bieber would go on a vacation for about a year, but this is crazy!Two Alberquerqe, New Mexico men were arrested in Rotterdam last month, they were inmates with a Vermont man serving a double life sentence that recruited them to come back to the are when they were released and murder some people for him. The mastermind Dana Martin is still behind bars, but put together the murder list from his cell. Martin killed a 15 year-old girl in Vermont in 2000.

The two men he sent up here to carry out the murders for him were 41 year-old Mark Staake and Staake's  23 year-old nephew Tanner Ruane. Luckily these 2 disturbed and dangerous people were caught before they could kill Justin Bieber or anyone else they had on their hit list.All the crazy details are here.


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