Can you imagine walking from Albany to Lake George? That's about 60 miles. That seems so far! Well, a man is walking 50 times that and all for an amazing cause!

William Shuttleworth is a retired teacher and Air Force Veteran but instead of just sitting around for retirement, he's decided to make an impact. He has just started his journey walking the length of the entire country to bring awareness to organizations for Veterans.

His plan for the next 7 months is to walk from Massachusetts to California, or 3600 miles. That's like walking the Northway from Albany to Lake George back-and-forth about 60 times. He left last week and already hit New York State. You can follow his entire journey through his website As News10 reported, "The reason he is walking is to bring awareness to veteran issues and he poor care he says they get from the government."

He last checked in on his website 5/21 in Troy, NY where he slept at SAE fraternity at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) so you may see him walking through the Capital Region today!

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