94 year old Gordon Yeager and his wife, 90 year old Norma lived in Des Moines, Iowa. Last Wednesday they were involved in a car accident when Gordon accidentally pulled out in front of an oncoming car.
They both survived the accident initially, but died later that afternoon.
Gordon and Norma, laid in the intensive care unit of the local hospital holding hands. Gordon died at 3:38pm. According to his son Dennis, the weird thing was even after he passed his heart monitor was still going. The nurse explained that because they were still holding hands, Gordon's monitor was still picking up the beating of Norma's heart. Norma passed away exactly one hour after her husband at 4:38pm.
The couple were married on May 26, 1939, the very day Norma

graduated High School, they had four children together and stayed married for 72 years.
At their funeral, Gordon and Norma shared a casket and were still holding hands. They will be cremated and their ashes will be mixed together.
After 72 years of marriage, I guess there could be no other way.
After I read the story, of course I thought about "The Notebook" the couple in that story died holding hands as well. I also thought of one of the most beautiful and touching songs I have ever heard. "Where've you been?" by Kathy Mattea, a song, if my memory serves me written by her husband and based on the life of his parents. Her beautiful voice makes the song come alive and and hit you right in the heart. If you have never heard the song I think it is time that you did, if you have , this may be a good time to hear it again. Here is the video.