It's the time of year when kids are going back to school and maybe you want a last minute vacation or in a few months you may need a break from the routine schedule already. I found a local resort that may give you that change of scenery you're looking for.

Okay, so camping may not be your thing, but there's something about being in nature that's not only relaxing but gives you some time to disconnect with technology and reconnect with the people around you. You don't like tents? Don't worry, have you seen the Adirondack Tree House Retreat?

The website 6SqFt broke down the stats of this hidden Adirondack lodging. A winding staircase takes you up to the beautiful patio that has a bathroom, lofted bed, and built-in storage for your stay for only around $179 per night. But wait...there's more! "The lower patio comes complete with an outdoor kitchen, dining space, charcoal grill, hot and cold running water and lighting. There’s also private parking at the site, as well as a fire pit located just over a foot bridge and surrounded by a stream."

If it's some place you may want to stay or you want to see more pictures of this adorable treeside getaway, you can find it on AirBnB.

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