If you listen to the "Sean and Richie Show" at all you probably know that I am a nerd, a geek, a "trekie" or whatever other word you want to throw at me. These names for me however are badges that as an adult I wear proudly, as a child however it wasn't always that easy. So how do you handle it when you are called names in school?  Wil Wheaton most recently of  "The Big Bang Theory," was recently asked this by a youngster at Denver's Comic Con.

This video is making it's way around the web swiftly and I'm glad to know that it has at least a half of a million views as I write this. I do't think it is necessarily because it is Wil Wheaton saying these things as much as it is what he says. Not that I am not a HUGE fan of Wil, I am I first loved him as "Gordie" in the classic movie, "Stand By Me" and I am one of the minority of "Trekkies" who actually loved the character of "Wesley Crusher"  on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This isn't about him however, or maybe even not for the kid asking the question, it's about me, and you and anyone who as a young person deals with others who want to call you names, or ridicule the things that are important to you. Take a look at the response Wil gives to a question, about name calling:

On a side note, I do have to say, completely in fun as I think it truly illuminates just how NOT sports orientated Wil Wheaton was as a kid, how funny is it that when he was trying to come up with a "sports" type activity he said , "Tether ball" Love it!


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