I don't think I've ever typed those words before, but this actually happened in my watch at Countryfest with this very nice listener who shall remain nameless at the risk of totally embarrassing her.  So I'll partially embarrass her instead 

So this very nice woman walked up to me at the Countryfest outdoor block party.  I recognized her immediately.  She was one of the people who cleverly dressed up her vehicle at the "Show Us Your 'GNA Pride" contest at SPAC for Zac Brown Tickets.

Anyway, her friend borrowed my camera and snapped this picture .  Everything was fine, and I just about to continue our conversation when ...WHAM!

We smelled something burning.  Guess what it was?  Her canvas pocketbook/bag thingie. You can't see it in the shot but it was definitely smoking (Sorry, my dear, but I don't think stomping on it with your flip flop is going to do it)



The security guard was concerned, but also giggling a bit as you can tell.  So was I - I'm not gonna lie.  Our victim's friend was holding both of their "solo cups" while she pointed, wondering what the heck to do

smoke pocketbook 2

They decided to dump bottles of water on the outside and inside, soaking the contents of her bag.  I won't show the contents of the bag, but I did see her cellphone in one corner.  You know me - I was more concerned about that than anything else!

So what caused it to go up in smoke?  I have no clue.  I'm not sure they know either.  I'd love to know what happened, wouldn't you?  I hope she will contact me with the conclusion of this gripping story, so I can sleep at nite.  This is bothering the heck out of me.  I wish I had an ending for this. Weird, very very weird.