On this week’s tech talk, we have a gadget that brings new meaning to “Big Brother is Watching”.  In this case, he’s a dentist.There’s now a new toothbrush that - get this - tracks the way you brush your teeth, sends the information to an app on your smartphone, and can report that to your dentist.

Beam me up, Scotty.  It's called the Beam toothbrush from Beamtoothbrush.com .  Want to see how it works?  This is so bizarre.

Think about it.  "Did you brush your teeth this morning?".  How many times have you said that to your kids?  No more lying there.  They can log in and see exactly when you did or didn't.

And it's only $50 for the brush.  If you preorder it, it's only $35.  I actually have to give credit to the DailyMail.com for drawing attention to this.

Would you buy one of these?  Do you think it's creepy that the dentist would know all about you when you walk in?  Gee, you might as well email them a list of  everything you eat too and have them criticize you.  Wait -now they can tell if you floss or not too?  I'm in big trouble!

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