It's become an HBO phenomenon - "True Blood".  I have not seen the show, but became curious as to what it was about (besides the obvious - BLOOD).  I wanted "the Cliff Notes" edition, and I found it for you in case you too have not seen the show. 

True Blood has had a pretty extensive cast over the years. lists them for you.  I recognize Anna Paquin  and Stephen Moyer, but not too many of the others, to tell you the truth.  This is why I needed to take a crash course to see what everyone was raving about. Here's the best synopsis I could find for you, via YouTube

There you go.  Whoever put that together gets major props.  Now all you need is a little preview of the upcoming 6th season, which will premier June 16th.

Ok.  You are now up to date.  (Wow- just looking at all of this, I feel like I need a transfusion)    Are you going to watch?  How do you like the show?   Would love to hear your comments


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