Maybe you haven't heard or maybe you haven't realized, but there is a big concert tonight at Proctor's Theater in Schenecatady.  If you are anything like me, you're a bit sick of doing the same boring thing -- cleaning off your car, going to work, leaving work and then hibernating at home to avoid the cold.
This will be our first ever Winter Concert so we want you to be a part of what's hopefully just the beginning of squashing those winter time blues.  You're probably wondering what to expect -- well, that's easy.  Lots of music and lots of fun!  Doesn't get better than that.  Newcomer Craig Campbell will be there.  His single out right now is "Family Man" -- you've probably heard it and I've heard he isn't too hard to look at, ladies.

Joe Nichols and Darryl Worley will be contributing some tunes as well.  Both were part of our Countryfest 2007 line-up.  That was a good year!  You definitely don't want miss them this time around.  Nichols sings "What's A Guy Gotta Do," "The Shape I'm In," "The Impossible."  Worley has hits such as, "Have You Forgotten?", "Sounds Like Life to Me," and "Awful Beautiful Life."

Tickets are on sale at Proctor's box office for just $33 and $28.  You can , of course, charge by phone at 346-6204 or online at Proctor's website.  There's plenty of parking -- Proctor's has a parking garage on Hamilton Street that is free on the weekends.

We better see you tonight!

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