You heard me.  His stage name is Leif Mulch.  I didn't know that until this morning.  Love the name, and love the cause.  He's the street musician who was almost arrested in downtown Albany for basically -um-doing nothing wrong.  So I wrote a little solidarity parody (wow, that rhymes)

This was a very interesting case, and kind of hit close to home (being a musician - although not a street musician,  mind you).  In case you are unfamiliar with what happened, here's the background from the Times Union.

Sorry, folks, but I just happen to believe that live, breathing musicians in a city just make it seem to be a much more homey, friendly place.

It brings something to mind for me personally.  We were out in Denver Colorado for a wedding recently and took a stroll in the city.  There was a piano player there and people gathered around him enjoying the day and the tunes.  Come on - what's more innocent than a street performer just trying to eek out a living?


Ok, I'm getting riled up for nothing here.  The case was dismissed anyway, according to the Times Union. But I thought I'd at least show my belated support for his cause.. Here's the parody (to the tune of "Truckin'", by the Grateful Dead - I bet THEY were street performers once!!)    Lyrics at the bottom of the post.

to the tune of "Truckin'" by the Grateful Dead
Lyrics©2015 Richie Phillips   All Rights Reserved

Buskin on a city street

that's how Solem earns his salary
playing guitar in downtown Albany
is this supposed to be some kind of felony
Standing in front of an empty store while he's strumming
holy crap looks like a cop is coming
if you were guilty of something you sure would start running
 he's a musician how dangerous can he be
Should Lief keep playing or should he quit
could the busker get busted cuz he had no permit
was the cop within his rights or was he full of …baloney
Lief had his doubts- he said I'm gonna find out
He went marching down to city hall
that policeman made a real bad call
he didn't break any rule at all
congratulations Lief
3 cheers for CIVIL LIBERTY!