I'm cold.

No matter where I am in the building here, my hands are like ice. They say the heats on, but I feel cool air blowing on me at all times.

I'm just ready for Spring. Please, Mother Nature, I'm begging you.

The first sign of it is here though. Not in the form of green grass sprouting, or flowers popping up, the ice hasn't melted and the air is still crisp but Six Flags Great Escape is ready to open their doors.

Well, wait. It's not happening like, tomorrow or anything. We still have to wait a couple of months. But, to know the date is creeping closer and closer is always a good thing and a sign that warmer times are ahead!

Six Flags Great Escape has announced that the weekend of May 13-14th will be the opening of their season. Go ahead and coast along the Steamin' Demon, get the bikini ready for the wade pool and try not to lose your lunch while riding the Blizzard. That spinning gets me loopy!

You can learn more and grab your season passes here.

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