This might not be the most complimentary way to say goodbye to our illustrious NY Governor, David Paterson, but I'm doing it anyway...

Upon listening to this ditty that once aired on our show , you're probably going to say--"Wow-Richie musta have been in a foul mood that day!!!"   Or maybe you'll say "Man, he hated Paterson, didn't he??"

But let me make this clear--I was only trying to put to rhyme the mood of New York State at the time.  Layoffs, infrastructure problems, no budget, bla bla bla

But that was then, and this is now. It's a NEW YEAR, people, and I'm sure the mood has changed since this one aired on our show, right?  RIGHT??  Come on--shake your heads in an up and down "YES" motion!!    That's it!!!  (LOL)

Anyway, before this goes off into the parody file in the sky, we'll give it one more spin.  This is a parody of Alan Jackson's "It Must Be Love".  Wanna hear it?  Please shake your head YES??