A few of the staff members here at GNA decided they were so good at moving that they would go into "Biznis" together, Townsquare Moving Co. was formed.

We constantly are moving things around the building here. Whether it be desks, chairs or in the case of Townsquare Moving Co., even people. They found a white board and scribbled together a business strategy. By scribbled I mean drew a bunch of arrows pointing aimlessly in every direction. They are flat out terrible though. They wanted to move a desk by rolling it down the hallway. Jared, Jordan: Desks don't roll.

It should also be noted that one of the small desks in the garage they tried moving was put there by me, they couldn't even budge it. I must be hulk. Then they needed a chair, these inconsiderate fools couldn't even ask me to move or if they could use it. They went too far when I requested a new desk because mine was falling apart. The door was locked so instead of knocking to do the moving correctly they just put it in front of the door.

Glad they aren't paid any extra for this because long story short, these two men suck at moving.


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