The weather isn't warm yet so you're probably not spending your time outside this weekend, perfect opportunity to go see a movie! Jackson reviews the two biggest movies coming out this weekend and new information on the future of Indiana Jones.

The movie getting the most buzz this weekend is "A Quiet Place," starring Emily Blunt (Evelyn Abbott) and John Krasinski (Lee Abbott), who is also the Director and co-wrote the screenplay. Evelyn and Lee live in a world where blind extraterrestrials inhabit the Earth and find their victims by sound. The entire Abbott family must live in silence and communicate through sign language to stay alive. It all goes well until Evelyn has to give birth.

The other movie coming out is a little lighter, called "Blockers," starring John Cena (Mitchell), Ike Barinholtz (Hunter) and Leslie Mann (Lisa Decker). The three star as parents who hear that their children intend to lose their virginity on prom night so they do everything in their power to stop it.

In movie news, Steven Speilberg was asked about the future of the character of Indiana Jones and what he had to say was pretty interesting, you can see it in the video below. Also, this week marks the 5 year anniversary of the Roger Ebert and Jackson shared a touching moment with him on his personal Twitter.

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