Characters from my favorite television show of all time, Golden Girls, are being immortalized in a unique gift for all.  According to, you can now buy all of your favorite characters from Golden Girls and watch them grow. Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia are now immortalized forever in Chia Pet form.

You can choose all four and watch their chia "hair" grow right before your eyes. Their red clay busts are just as you remember about our beloved Golden Girls. I can't wait to give the gift of laughter with these whimsical girls. I think I will start with Sophia.

Each character comes with a pottery planter modeled after each of the sassy seniors, a plastic drip tray, of course, you will get the chia seed packets for three plantings. The hair is actually an erm plant. Expect their hair to grow in one to two weeks.

You can find them all at Walmart and on

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