I always say if there is one thing that the internet has shown me over the years is that there are a whole lot of creative people out there who just needed an outlet for their ideas. YouTube seems to be the outlet this guy, Bill Parker needed to realize his dream of becoming a Jedi. Lets be honest, isn't that our dream too?

The thing that makes this fun is the added aspect of this particular Jedi having a GoPro camera to record his adventures.

Now, lets be honest , this isn't a high budget film so let's not expect amazing dialogue, acting and special effects. I can say however that I'm pretty impressed with how much work this guy did put into making the video. It seems that finding a dessert location and some friends to play storm troopers was at the very least  a lot to get accomplished , let alone all the effects he did have to add.

The highlight is of course at the end where we get to see a few rebel fighters and the Millennium Falcon come to the rescue.

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