Technology gets more bizarre every day.  This little invention borders on creepy though - a billboard that knows your mood

I'm not kidding here.  According to they did a test in London with a new, very sneaky "poster".  It contained a fake ad campaign for Bahio coffee (they made the name up too).  Buried in the poster were cameras from Microsoft.  The poster scanned peoples' expressions as they walked by and the images on the poster changes according to your "puss".   So if you scowled when you looked at the coffee cup, maybe it would change to beer?

Here's a video that shows what it looks like

Can you just imagine where they could go with this kind of technology?  I could see some conflicts, actually.  I mean, could you imagine if there was a poster of, say Kate Upton?  Now think of that for a second.  If a guy walked by, he would be smiling uncontrollably.  But if a woman walked by and was jealous of the way Kate looked, would the poster change to a more average figure?  That would make HER smile, but it might make the guy frown.  Then what would happen?  How could the poor poster please everyone?  (Sorry - these things keep me up at nite)

Regardless, how would you explain what's going on with technology to your grandparents?    It's just too hard to comprehend, but I personally think it's fascinating (but creepy)



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