Maddy Cruxton lives in England and she  has been battling cancer since she was just three years old. She has gone into remission and out of remission over and over through the years and the whole time she tried to live a normal life. She is now in tenth grade and the cancer not only has come back but this time Doctors believe it may be terminal. Maddy's wish was just to be able to go to prom. Her parents and the school decided to try to plan a secret small school dance for her before she tries chemo again.

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It seems the secret got out.

Somehow local and national business learned of the plan and the "small school dance" became an extravaganza with Maddy at the center of it all. Maddy drove to her "prom" in a pink Rolls Royce and when she got there she walked the red carpet into a room complete with a VIP area, a chocolate fountain, a photo booth, candy trays, food , drinks and a band, Needless to say she was as happy as she has ever been.

Maddy was crowned Prom Queen and the kids even raised $1500 for her favorite charity.

She starts chemotherapy next week and they are all hoping it gives her more time.

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