So last night I saw across this video that Nick Kessler, our Promotions Director  made about me. It's called "After Hours At WGNA" and to be honest I knew he was going to do something like this as he asked me to be in the video but I didn't know exactly what would be in it. When I first watched it I thought it was hysterical and I laughed quite a bit. Nick is a odd and funny guy, and I love working with him. Then I thought about it a little more and now I'm not so sure.

At first I thought it was flattering that Nick would pick me to be the guy he emulates if even in jest but then I watched the video a couple more times and started to wonder if I should in fact be a little offended. IN the video he sure does paint me as a narcissist ego maniac. I began to wonder do I really come across this way? I sure hope not.

So I'll leave it up to you , should I go and congratulate Nick on doing a fun creative video , or should I be angry?

...for those of you who read my blogs all the way through and hopefully for Nick I would like to say that I really wasn't offended and thought it was hysterical but I thought this was a fun way to present the video to the masses. :)