A funny thing happened on the way to posting today's monologue.  Some of it is missing.  Somehow the "Oprah" jokes were not recorded, I know the woman is powerful but man that's good.   So I will just tell you what I said.

"Commercials for Oprah's final show will cost 1 million dollars a piece.  Oprah will be using that money to by a house, for the house, for the house, for the house that holds her money.  1 million dollars, that means Oprah will be the only person who can afford to advertise on her own show. (Rimshot)"

OK now the rest you can actually hear.  We talked about your favorite TV soap opera being canceled. Jessica Simpson making "People" magazines most beautiful list. Happy birthday to Seth Rogan. We have more fun with Kobe. And did you know losing weight can actually help your brain?   Well listen here to find out all about it.

Have a GREAT weekend. God Bless.