This Saturday marks a huge milestone in my parenting career. I am taking Bells to her first game at Yankee Stadium. I can't tell who's more excited, me or her.

I have been blessed that my daughter shares my love for the Yankees and now that she's been playing softball and been to a few Valley Cats games she decided we were going this year. lol I can't wait to show her how perfect new Yankee Stadium is, how yummy the food is and buy her, her first souvenir from the Stadium. It's the magic moments like these that make life worth living.

Now all I can hope is Bartolo Colon pitches like his age(allegedly 38) for the Oakland Athletics and Phil Hughes wins a game at home for a change for my beloved Yankees. It would be something special if the Bombers win her first game.

We're taking Yankee Trails down and there will be pictures to follow.