When I was a kid, I had my favorite cartoons. In fact, I can still sit and watch a lot of those classic pieces of animation. (Personally, I think a lot of today’s animation makes many of the characters look scary)

Seattle Space Needle

There is one cartoon that always comes to mind whenever I hear of a new technological device or toy. It’s “The Jetsons”. Not the 1980s series, but the original early 1960s series. The reason for the 60s version is because of the technology that was featured in the cartoons, and how much of the stuff we have today is really close to a similar version of what someone was imagining way back then.

Here are some of the devices for you to compare: Electronic instruments-They showed a whole band of robots playing music, instead of humans. (Richie Phillips has a few keyboards that he can automate to do that).

Their communication device called a “Visiphone”: the telephone where you can see the person that you’re talking to. There are a few different means of that today. Skype is one of them.

Their apartment: The Skypad Apartments-This was a building designed to live above the pollution and bad weather. No, there’s not a building like that yet, but there are buildings designed like them, like Seattle’s Space Needle.

And the one thing that really hits close to home was their full wall television. They’d push a button and the characters on the tv show would come into your living room. This is the combination of the big screen HDTVs with surround sound and 3d. Pretty cool stuff, considering we only had a black and white tv, and the cable was something you plugged in for electricity to the tv.

There are a few more things that are very similar to what this 1960s cartoon had dreamed up. I have to wonder when they’ll invent those flying cars, and make them available to everyone.

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