Schoolhouse Rock Coming to Disney Plus
If you grew up in the early eighties, you probably learned a ton from those cartoon shorts from the series, Schoolhouse Rock. Disney Plus is bringing them back for a whole new generation of kids to learn from.
Bugs Bunny Turns 75 – Here Is My My Favorite Episode
I just read that Bugs Bunny turned 75 today. I have to tell you Bugs was one of my first idols as a little boy. I was actually inspired by his use of intelligence and wit to get out of any predicament he found himself in, I also think I loved his Forrest Gump approach to life. No matter what happene…
Top 5 Bears – Biff, Winnie, and Yogi Bear
With the recent bear sightings in the Albany Area, I thought it would be fun to remember some of my favorite bears. From the imaginary Biff, The Friendly Purple Bear to the iconic Winnie The Pooh, I hope you'll find one of your favorite bears on the list....
Watch Brad Paisley On South Park Tonight
I have to admit a couple of things here. First, I do love "South Park" , while it can certainly test your boundaries of good taste, it is usually very funny and smart. Second, I have not watched it in quite some time. That will probably change tonight, with a guest appear…
The Next Big Thing: The Annoying Orange! [VIDEO]
Although I am fast becoming an "older American", I try as hard as I can to keep up on latest trends, fads,  gadgets and the like.  Most times I take to them readily.  This is not one of them.  I find it totally annoying, which I guess is the whole point!