An 8 year old boy in Ohio drove his little sister to a McDonald's because she wanted a cheeseburger.  Why am I not one bit surprised yet horrified at the same time?

Calls came in came in to the East Palestine, Ohio police department at 8 pm on Sunday after citizens and McDonald's employees saw the youngster behind the wheel of his parents car.  How did he learn to drive?  Youtube videos.  This little dude learned to drive on watching YouTube videos!  Police couldn't believe how well he obeyed all the traffic laws during his mile and half hamburger craving commute, and thankfully, nobody was injured.

Where were the parents? How did they not know what was going on?  The report says he and his sister left the house while his parents were asleep. Perhaps they're heavy sleepers and in a room far enough away from garage and didn't hear the car start. Something about this story doesn't seem right.  Learning to drive on YouTube seems mostly plausible.  An 8 year old leaving the house at 8 pm without either parent being being alerted is possible.  The fact that he drove to the McDonald's, enjoyed a burger and returned home safely to tell about, is nothing short of a miracle.

As a parent, this terrifies me! Lock the doors and disconnect the wi-fi; man, we live in some crazy times.

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