Details are emerging on what led to a tractor trailer crushing a car on 787 yesterday, and several tickets have been issued to the driver who escaped with is life.

According to a Times Union report, the driver of the red Nissan that was crushed by a tractor trailer yesterday was charged with reckless driving and received several other tickets after the accident.

Eyewitness accounts in the Times Union story say the driver of the Nissan, Jelani L. Reyes-Craig, "...tried to pass the truck on the right...hit a guardrail and struck the truck when...(he)...tried to steer the vehicle back onto the highway." Reyes-Craig also received several tickets for speeding, unsafe lane change and more.

First and foremost, it was great news yesterday when we heard both drivers walked away from this crash relatively unscathed. After seeing the photos from the scene, you could not help but imagine the worst. It is truly a miracle, and a credit to the amazing First Responders, that Reyes-Craig got out of that car and walked away from this accident. But now that the dust has settled, it looks like his actions put him in that situation. I imagine after this experience, he will be the safest driver in the Capital Region.


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