Jimmy G is very handsome, the game was mostly interesting, the commercials have been boring for a million years, and nobody could really hate the halftime show.  Here are some random musings and thoughts following Super Bowl 54.

  • Demi Lovato's National Anthem may have been the greatest of all time.  If Whitney Houston back in 1991 pre-recorded hers (and it wasn't live) like we've since learned, Demi's is the best of all time.
  • All week I  thought the Niners were a lock to win the game.  As I soon as I officially placed the bet on them at Rivers Casino, I knew they were a lock to lose.
  • It was a halftime show that literally no one could complain about.  Women love Shakira and J-Lo because they're both stunningly beautiful and have a combined age of 93.  And men love them because....well, we're allowed to.
jennifer lopez shakira
RNoam Galai/Robert Marquardt, Getty Images


  • The commercials aren't great.  But this is nothing new...we've been longing for the days of the 'Bud Bowl' for 20 plus years now.
  • Jimmy Garappolo (the Niners QB) is very very handsome.   I'm kind of glad he struggled...not sure I have enough jealousy in my body for him and Tom Brady.
Tom Brady
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  • I'm happy for Andy Reid - coach of the Chiefs- that he got his championship  He's seems like a really nice man.  The kind of guy who would invite you to his cook-out and and make sure you had a to-go plate.  Then he expresses his appreciation that you came to his cook-out, talking close enough that you would notice he has a piece of pork rib in his beard.  But it doesn't gross you out, cuz it's Andy F****G Reid and he's such a nice guy.
Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders
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  • Normally I waste countless precious moments of the game figuring out possible scoring combos on the scribbled battleship grid knows as Super Bowl squares.  This year, I didn't enter any squares and I felt very lost.  And lonely at times.
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