You know something I wouldn't expect to see?

A 6-foot alligator anywhere near here. Well...

it turns out, that's a thing, apparently.

Around noon on Thursday, Springfield, Massachusetts officers were contacted, I'm assuming in a bit of a panic because: alligator. They arrived on the scene with two animal control catch poles because, again: alligator. One pole was around its neck with the other around its torso.

With help of a couple local zoo workers, the 150-180lb reptile was then brought to the zoo following its removal.

Captain Michael Banas said he's never seen anything like it in his 29 years on the force. I haven't seen anything like it either, regardless of profession. It seems insane!

The case has been turned over to the Massachusetts Environmental Police. It was uncertain if the homeowner would be fined but, come on, they probably should be right? I mean....ALLIGATOR!