It's finally about to happen!  The 50 Shades of Grey movie will hit the big screen this weekend!

Maybe you're not too excited about it, maybe you don't care at all.  That's fine.  You might really enjoy this recut trailer featuring Steve Buscemi as Christian Grey -

Here are some fun facts to keep in mind when you're standing in line to see the film this weekend.

-Dakota Johnson who plays Anastasia Steele is Melanie Griffith's daughter, and her dad is Don Johnson.

-At one point in 2011, Random House was selling two copies of "Fifty Shades of Grey" every second.

-In the first four months, 20 million copies of the book were sold.

-In the book, Anastasia says "holy cow" and "holy crap" so much, she averages one "holy" every three-and-a-half pages. It's 514 pages long, and she says the word "holy" 147 times.