In his stand-up act, comedian Louis C.K. does a bit centered around having "constant perverted sexual thoughts."  Off stage, the comic is facing not so humorous allegations of sexual misconduct by five seperate women dating back to 2002.

The New York Times has compiled the stories of five women spanning several years and the allegations vary in terms of what exactly he did.  We won't get into the sordid details in this blog, but Rolling Stone magazine layed out the rather explicit encounters from the women. In one such situation back in 2005, C.K. attempted to lure fellow actress and comedian Rebecca Corry into his dressing so she could watch him "pleasure himself". She declined and remined him that he has a pregnant wife at home and that he was already a father his and that's when according to Corry, "his face got red, and he told me had issues"

C.K. has canceled the New York premiere of his upcoming film, I Love You, Daddy. Additionally, his scheduled appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert was called off.

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